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When it comes to making your party unique and complete, our optional enhancements are another way in which we are eager to please all your needs. From dramatic lighting effects to video production, from our on-site productions to our in-house services; we have your party completely covered! Check out some of our most popular enhancements by scrolling down to any one of the items below. If you don’t see your particular enhancement interest listed, simply give us a call… chances are we have it to offer. Even if it’s a product that we do not have to offer, we can find out or recommend someone who does. Just another way we’ve your one-stop shopping supply for all your party’s needs… “America’s Most Wanted Entertainment.”

medford ny, serving long island and nationwide
Lighting Enhancements
Fully-Intelligent Light Show: (Includes large trussing)
Fully-Intelligent Light Show: (Includes large trussing) Intelligent lights are the latest rage in mobile entertainment. These are virtually ‘computerized’ programmed lights, which work both independently to one another as well as in conjunction to one another in order to dazzle and entertain you and your guests as you dance the night away! Intelligent lights provide a unique array of changing colors and gobos (somewhat similar to pictures) than can be positioned practically anywhere on the dance floor or on the walls within the room, and they automatically change and ‘dance’ in beat with the music. Used in pairs, most venues typically call for four intelligent lights. This feature includes the trussing, generally placed around the video screen or DJ booth. Great used with or without fog!
Semi-Intelligent Light Show: (Includes medium trussing)
Semi-Intelligent Light Show: (Includes medium trussing) Like intelligent lights, these semi-intelligent lights move and ‘dance’ in beat with the music, but without the computerized ‘brain-power’ intelligent lights can offer. Nonetheless still a crowd-pleaser, this option offers the benefit of a spectacular light show at about half the price as a conventional fully-intelligent light show! Please note that we make certain to do our best in aiming the beams of light away from your sitting guests and onto the dance floor as best as possible in accordance to each specific venue and each particular setup, but only the fully-computerized intelligent lights can be accurately aimed at specific points within the venue. Even so, the semi-intelligent light show is our most popularly-chosen dance attraction!
Basic Dance Lighting – (Includes Tripod Pole Light Stand)
Basic Dance Lighting – (Includes Tripod Pole Light Stand) Our most basic dance lighting package consists of three sound-activated lights; professionally mounted on a tall, fully-adjustable ‘T’ shaped light pole stand positioned off the dance floor and aimed towards your dance crowd. Also moving in beat with the music, this option is great when height is of concern at your venue or catering hall. You can choose between having all three lights displaying multi-colored beam arrays, or you can choose to ‘swap out’ one of those multi-colored lights for a white colored ‘mirror-ball’ effect - which is absolutely both perfect and elegant for slow dances. Perfect for all venues! Add fog for a dramatic effect.
Multi-Colored Dance Light - (light stand not included)
Multi-Colored Dance Light - (light stand not included)This option is great for small parties and venues, where you want to add a little lighting effect for people to dance to, but you don’t have the room, need or budget for a larger light show. The dance light effect can be mounted to one of our already-in-place speaker stands, or even placed in front of our DJ booth or on a shelf somewhere, if available. The unit will be turned on for dance sets, to get the party crowd motivated and moving, and off when applicable. Keep in mind, these units are only designed to stay on for 15-20 minutes at a time, so if you want to keep your guests dancing the night away to the lights, you may want to opt for a larger light show.
Your Name In Lights
Your Name In LightsLet the crowd know exactly who the party is for at all times by allowing us to place their name in lights right on the center of the dance floor! Perfect for weddings, sweet 16’s, bar and bat mitzvahs, and even class reunions; this is one sure-fired way to please the crowd. Better yet, give us your company’s corporate logo, and we can custom make a ‘gobo’ design to display for all your customers and employees to see! Perfect for any venue where there’s a dance floor or a large blank wall to project onto.
Party Glow Lighting
Party Glow LightingRemember those cool black lights you used to have to create unusual effects on those neon posters back in the day? Well, our party glow lighting effects take this concept to the extreme! Here at “America’s Most Wanted Entertainment,” we use high-intensity discharge flood lighting to create this effect on the whole dance floor. Your dance guests will appear luminescent with this effect – especially with the additional hand outs of white party gloves we can easily provide to you and your guests as an option. This way when the crowd waves their hands in the air – it shows! A cool effect for Halloween, or even an over the edge effect for your coming of age 13 year old son’s Bat Mitzvah or your 12 year old daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. A truly “glowing” effect!
Color Wash Effect
Color Wash Effect This mood lighting effect creates a wash of color along any wall for a dramatic effect. You can select your own personal colors to match your theme (for example, green and purple as shown here for Halloween) or have the colors continuously change to create a festive party atmosphere. A great enhancement to any room, and a stunning effect for your guests as they enter the room! We use the latest in LED technology which provides an array of changing colors in a small light enclosure (also known as a par can). This color wash effect takes your light show as well as your party to a whole new level!
Fog Machine
Fog Machine A dramatic effect in truly enhancing your light show! See the beams of light as they crisscross one another and dance in beat with the music. Choose between a ‘light’ fog that rises or a ‘heavy’ fog that makes it appear as if you’re dancing on a cloud. You can even pick and choose your favorite scent – tropical, strawberry, or lemon! Due to certain local restrictions, not recommended for most venues in the area, please check with the venue before ordering.

medford ny, serving long island and nationwide
Photography and Videography Enhancements
Video Screen Option (6’x8’ Video Screen)
Video Screen Option (6’x8’ Video Screen)Our high resolution video screens and portable projection displays add a lot of class and style to your party celebration. Display your guest of honor’s name in vibrant moving computerized-graphics with a choice of backgrounds for you to choose from. Add zap shots to show candid pictures of your guests having fun throughout your event. Present a customized photo montage or personalized video of your guest of honor for all to see and enjoy. Perfect for weddings, sweet 16’s, bar and bat mitzvahs, reunions, and corporate events. A sure crowd-pleaser!
Plasma Screens (42” – 52”)
Plasma Screens (42” – 52”)Our plasma video screens are like our larger video projection screens, but only providing a much sharper, higher resolution and vibrancy at a slightly reduced size. The plasma screens can be mounted individually (perfect for a larger venue or a corporate event) or securely mounted on our lighting truss for all to see. The varied size is determinant on the venue, the size of the room, the number of people and availability at the time of your party.
Professional Photography
Professional PhotographyThis most requested option includes a complete four hours of professional digital photography commemorating both you and your guests! The photographer will coordinate with you on a level specific to your personal needs, and make sure everyone gets a chance to get in the picture. From table shots to group poses, family poses to candid photos of you and your guests - make sure to capture the whole event on film! In addition, you will receive a CD or DVD of approximately 300 high-resolution pictures at the end of the party. You can also choose to order a complete 'photo-album' of the prints developed at a small additional charge, and it arrives approximately 2 weeks upon completion of the event. By choosing the option of having professional photographer at your party, you get the chance to relive those memories over and over again for years to come!
Professional Videography
Professional VideographyWhat a perfect way to remember your special event for years to come. With our videography option… you not only get a memorable “live action” recording of your party for yourself… you get a lasting memory to share with family and friends for years to come! This optional enhancement is particularly beneficial when special loved ones can not make it to the actual event. What a better way to share your special day with them by giving them the recorded footage! Includes 4 hours of professional videotaping, and a high-quality professionally edited “mix-down” (approximately 1-2 hours) of your party’s most unforgettable events!
Video Montage (for use with the video screen option)
Video Montage (for use with the video screen option)Our professionally produced, edited and fully customized video montages commemorate your event in a way everyone will be sure to love and remember. Proudly display your favorite photos of your guest of honor, honoring them throughout the years - both past and present. Our most typical montage package consists of up to 75 pictures professionally displayed, arranged, and coordinated to your choice of music - typically 2-3 songs. Traditionally, the songs are professionally 'trimmed' or 'cut' to match the time allowed and to keep the event entertaining and flowing, but you can also choose the full version if you wish, by allowing us to display the photos for longer time periods. Best of all, keep the finalized DVD production to show to your friends and family for years to come!
Zap Shots (for use with video screen option)
Zap Shots (for use with video screen option) Zap shots are one of the most popularly growing and fashionable crazes emerging in the party market today. They are simply-put, various candid pictures of your guest of honor, their friends and family displayed throughout the event onto a large projection screen. (Screen option required). This option requires an additional or separate 'photographer' (not the same as ‘professional photographer’ described) utilizing a digital camera and importing simply the best of the pictures to appear on the video screen for all to see. The use of zap shots ensures that the video screen option is used towards its full potential – and also gives you the chance to see photos you and your guests might not otherwise see!
Photo-shop option (for use with video screen option)
Photo-shop option (for use with video screen option) This optional feature will enhance all the color and vibrancy of your original photo, and make those drab old dreary photos come to life! This option is particularly recommended for the enlarged video screen, where all the faults found in the original picture are greatly maximized. Professionally we will crop your photos, take out whatever blemishes or impurities we can, and possibly even edit out any unwanted faces or graphics from your picture. With this option it also gives you the freedom of providing you with two pictures of any one photo – the full un-cropped original plus a cropped close-up. The best part is that there is no additional charge from us in doing so – so you get two pictures for the price of one! Again, we will provide you with a CD or DVD of your edited photos – yours to keep!
Importing Pictures (for use with video screen option)
Importing Pictures (for use with video screen option) This option is perfect for those who are not that computer-savvy; they do not have the right equipment or resources, or most importantly, do not have the time to import all those pictures of their loved ones. If you want the job done right and on time, then allow us to do the work for you! We will professionally import and store all of your treasured photos (typically up to 75 of your favorite pictures) and then store them on a CD or DVD for you to keep. You can also present the CD or DVD to your guest of honor as a present as it makes a great gift that they will be sure to love!

medford ny, serving long island and nationwide
Personalized Party Enhancements
Video Disc Jockey (for use with the video screen option)
Video Disc Jockey (for use with the video screen option) Do you want to add some excitement and unique flair to help enhance and motivate your party? Instead of just dancing to great music, you can be visually inspired to duplicate and create some dance moves on your own with our Video Disc Jockey option. Our V.J.’s (video disc jockeys) will play all your favorite professional music videos and display them right onto the large video projection screens! These high-quality video productions are the same ones used by well-known television music channels such as VH1 and MTV. A dramatic effect to enhance any light show or party, this option is perfect for bar & bat mitzvahs, corporate parties, high-class functions, or any other time you want your party to stand out from the rest. A truly mesmerizing visual effect!
Party Motivators a.k.a. ‘Eventainers’
Party Motivators a.k.a. ‘Eventainers’When you really want to add some life into your event, choose our Party Motivator option! These experienced dancers (we call them ‘eventainers’ because they help entertain any event) will help inspire and motivate your dance crowd – showing them the latest moves as well as teaching them the hottest dances. ‘Eventainers’ are best used in pairs, working both with one another and in helping get the crowd to rise to the occasion. They will host and perform a lot of different activities - handing out party favors, engaging people with various fun activities and in making sure everyone is having a good time. America’s Most Wanted ‘Eventainers’ come dressed appropriately for the occasion, and are a valuable enhancement towards any celebratory event. Adding party motivators to your son’s bar mitzvah or your daughter’s bar mitzvah is a perfect addition to entertain all those who attend the celebration. As we often recommend; when in doubt… try an ‘eventainer’ out!
Ceremony Music
Ceremony Music In need of a sound system to play your ceremony music as you walk down the aisle? How about a public announcement system (P.A. system) to properly broadcast a red-ribbon cutting ceremony or some other essential pre-event to your corporate party’s main event? We can do that, plus a whole lot more. Allow us to help you choose the right music for your wedding ceremony, and play your favorite pieces at the fitting times to ensure your wedding ceremony is truly blessed! For your corporation, we can provide multiple microphones for essential spokespersons; monitor them and mix the audio live on location. Call to find out how we can service your specific needs exactly the way you desire or to find out about the different forms of live musical entertainment we also have to offer.
Live Percussionist
Live Percussionist Enhance your party with our live percussionist to play and drum along in beat with the music – adding his or her own personal flair! Perfect to get the crowd motivated on their toes in order to dance the night away. Having a live percussionist perform along with your D.J. adds a live touch and visual excitement as well as a unique style and flavor to your celebration. From Latin music to tropical island music and from yesterday’s favorites to today’s hottest hits… the live percussionist is sure to please! Please call us to check for availability before ordering.
Confetti Cannon
Confetti Canon Make a grand entrance even more spectacular! Imagine when you or your guest of honor are formally introduced to join the rest of the party for the first time, an explosion of multi-colored confetti paper or streamers will pour all over them and the crowd. This item impresses even the most laid back group, and is sure to get the party started right! Launch your party off the right way in choosing the confetti cannon. Again, please check with your venue before ordering.
Faux Sweet 16 Cake
Faux Sweet 16 CakeAre you thinking of having the sweet 16 candle-lighting cake ceremony? How about another type of party where the candle-lighting ceremony is the highlight of the event? This option gives you the liberty of using a beautiful "faux" cake that is yours to keep when the night is over! Coordinated to your "theme" and choice of colors, this faux cake is a beautiful memento of your event while keeping your real cake pure for photos and for taste! Made of sparkling / glittering styrofoam cut into various shapes (such as hearts, squares, or rectangles) in either 2 or 3 tier configurations, and then adorned with sparkling trim, artificial flowers and/or beads - ultimately topped of with your guest of honor’s name in sparking rhinestones! All done meticulously by hand, this option has been a proven crowd pleaser as well as a proven asset to protect your real cake’s intended flavor!
Personalized Mints
Personalized Mints Looking for a truly tasty new way to ‘treat’ your guests! Why not try our new personalized mints? A perfect way to spice up any wedding, sweet 16, bar or bat mitzvah, or to even help promote your corporation. These flavored mints will be personally stamped with the image and saying of your choice – and we can even import your guest of honor’s name, the date, your company’s logo or its website right onto the mint! Another way “America’s Most Wanted Entertainment” makes sure your party turns out really “mint!”
Personalized Cookies
Personalized Cookies Personalized cookies are one of the latest trends we have seen here at “America’s Most Wanted Entertainment.” Not only can we upload your favorite picture or photo image right onto the cookie… but the cookies are truly one hundred percent edible and delicious as well! A truly unique ideas for your wedding, engagement, your daughter’s sweet 16, or your upcoming bar or bat mitzvah. This is the latest technology in cookie / art rendering… and the picture quality will totally amaze both you and your guests. Just wait until you get a taste of this!

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